About Company

Space Art and Design Inc. (Space Art and Design) is a company that looks at the cosmos as both the new frontier for humanity’s exploration, and the next place for humanity’s artistic expression, bridging the worlds of engineering and culture. Space Art and Design develops delicious foods via a team of experts and artists with the vision of “Outer space, nursing care, and food support that brings happiness through meals and science”. To this end, Space Art and Design provides multipurpose dried foods, space-themed foods and educational services in the form of workshops. The dried food development is going to be resulted in a cooperation agreement with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) as like the representative director had a cooperation agreement for a space art project with JAXA in the past. Also, space-theme foods will be offered to space tourism related facilities and science museums.

Our Mission

We improve nutrition problems on the earth by technologies used for space food. In hospitals, many patients who have problems on swallowing are provided high-nutrition sweet gelatinous foods. But most elderly person found it difficult to have sweet meals everyday. The family who need to take care of them also face difficulties to prepare special meals and its time management.
We have a drastic solutions on these problems. Delicate flavored meals are required for patients. Halal, Vegan or allergy-friendly foods are also strongly required. Space food related technology realize these products.

Business Concept

– Beauty of the package to make people feel the food is delicious

– Collaborative research with universities can be done and scientifically-evaluated to contribute to the overall body of knowledge

– Pursuit of expertise such as low potassium diet for people with bad kidneys

– Increasing the variation and capacities of humanitarian aid goods and space food

Goals and Objectives

– Providing to nursing care facilities, malnourished countries, “on-the-go” workers
– Provide easy, delicious, and versatile food for overall health of the above groups and humanity as a whole
The representing director of Space Art and Design, Ayako Ono, and a collaborator created beautiful space-themed works of art, including supplying musical instruments for use in experiments to the International Space Station via a Japanese space agency, JAXA, selection process (launched in 2011, utilized in 2012).

Space Art and Design also provides consulting and skills services to individuals and companies in the developing field of space art, offering expertise in topics ranging from the creative arts to solution-based engineering to overcoming physics challenges. To hear more about this, please feel free to contact us. Space Art and Design prides itself on being an innovative organization that can help make what is beyond Earth even more beautiful, healthier, and prosperous through bringing the wonder of creativity to the celestial bodies above.