What is Space Art?

The term “Space Art” has many connotations and definitions even among the practitioners of this genre in the space community. Roger F. Malina, the editor of “Leonardo: The Journal of Art, Science and Technology” has tracked its development over years.
He defines Space Art as “Contemporary art which relies on space activity for its implementation” and lists seven broad categories:

1.Fine art which exploits sensory experiences generated through space exploration. New landscapes become accessible through space photography and film. Space illustrators anticipated some of these. and make use of the photographic record from space exploration.

2.Art which expresses the new psychological and philosophical conceptions developed through the exploration of space. The primary example of this is the concept of the Earth as a whole system – a concept made concrete by the first views of the whole Earth seen from space.

3.Art in space, viewed from Earth.

5.Art on Earth, viewed from space.

6.Art in space, viewed in space.

7.The applied arts such as space architecture, interior design and furniture design.

8.Fine art which takes advantage of new technologies and materials created through space activities. The most important of these make use of satellite systems to create simultaneous global artworks.