Design and Art

What is Space Art

Space Art is a new genre of contemporary art that is being established in Europe and the United States, including other various forms of the art. Roger Marina, editor of Leonardo, a science and arts magazine that introduces space art, defines it as:
“Space art” is “contemporary art related to space activities for realization”, and its scope is broadly classified into seven categories.”

  • Art using perceptual experience gained through space development (exploration): eg) Recorded photographs in space development
  • Art that expresses new psychological and philosophical concepts developed through space exploration, such as the concept of the Earth as a whole system from the perspective of seeing the entire Earth from space.
  • Art in outer space seen from the earth: Example) Works in zero gravity seen through images
  • Art about the earth seen from space: Ex.) A huge geoglyph seen from space, drawn by reflecting the sunlight on a mirror.
  • Art in outer space seen in outer space: Ex) Work of art in zero gravity enjoyed by astronauts and space travelers
  • Applied arts such as space architecture, interior and furniture design:
  • Art that utilizes new technologies and materials created by space activities, e.g., using satellite systems to create works of art that occur simultaneously on a global scale.